With video content on the rise, it’s probably the most relevant form of media for sharing information and providing entertainment. It’s the new standard for communication on social media with the majority of us sharing our day to day lives in the form of short video stories. It’s no doubt the most engaging form of media and the easiest to digest.

So from time to time, we look for ways to save our favorite videos from the internet to our devices. To do this we usually need relevant apps that help us to download content from YouTube and Facebook among others. But what is it’s a live stream? Or you’re looking to capture content from someone’s Snapchat story without them knowing? You’re going to need a screen recording app for that. Specifically, DU Recorder APK. So what’s it all about?

DU Recorder put simply will record anything that’s on your screen as soon as you activate it. And the beauty is, nobody will be notified if you record their content with it. Let’s look at some features you should know about.


Screen recording

  • Multiple resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates available to support HD video
  • Smooth, fluid recordings of any content on your Android screen
  • Allow pausing or resuming screen recording whenever you please
  • Record external sound or disable it and add your own music
  • Control screen using the floating window or notification bar
  • Easy to use click operations on screen during capture
  • Gesture by shaking the device to stop the recording screen
  • Store recordings in internal storage or SD card
  • Brush tool lets you touch screen to draw
  • Use a computer with Wi-Fi to download videos
  • GIF maker allows you to create GIFs with your recordings

Video Editor

There is also an array of features for post editing videos to create unique content:

  • Trim your video clips or remove the middle section
  • Combine and merge several videos into one
  • Adjust the volume of video recordings
  • Add background music to clips from your phone’s collection
  • Add an intro and an outro to your video for a professional edge

In the end

In terms of screen recording apps, in our opinion, DU Recorder latest version is the best one out there.  I mean that with a 4.75-star rating on the Play Store out of 3.5 million downloads, the opinion of others is clear. These kinds of reviews are even weighty than marketing collateral and the app deserves to get this rating.

In a world where video content is so rife, sometimes we see a clip we want to save to look back on later or share with friends. By the time you go out and download a relevant app, the clip will probably be buried underneath a mound of other videos. So, download DU Recorder apk free right here and always be ready. This is the best way to capture video content without restriction without having to download them and worry about bandwidth and crashing apps.