Most people think that games have to complicated in order to be fun. This is a common misconception of video games, but many games have proven this to be very wrong. Flappy Bird is a prime example of simplicity that kept users glued to their screens for hours on end just building up frustration. Minecraft, on the other hand, proved that we don’t need detailed graphics for a game to be any good. The latest version of Doodle Army 2 combines these aspects.

The latest version of Doodle Army 2

The game has very simple controls that are easy to learn and get the hang of. The graphics of the game is based on the doodle animation style. The animation style of the game gives it a very retro feel of playing. It takes you back to a time when gaming was uncorrupted and pure. Before mega corporations started really milking the rap out of the industry. In the latest version of Doodle Army 2, players will be pitted against each other in death matches to see who can be the better two-dimensional killer. The game modes include solo and team matches that prove to be quick and action-packed.

Doodle Army 2 is great when you’re looking for a fast way to pass the time when bored or when you have the craving to get into hours of senseless doodle battles. The interface of the game is very basic and, needless to say, you need an internet connection if you want to play the multiplayer.

Once into the battle, you might find the gameplay and style to be somewhat familiar. The game did remind me of a lot of the old-school worms that were 2D. The only major difference between this game and worms is that in this game, the battles take place in real time. The Worms games are traditionally turn-based. Now, you don’t have to worry about where you leave your character after each round. You need to fly, run and jump around frantically while still trying to eliminate your enemies.

The gameplay is extremely fun, to say the least. But the gameplay isn’t the only good thing about this game. The weapons and equipment you get to put on your characters is another attractive feature that adds depth to the gameplay. There is a wide range of weapons and gear that you can use to obliterate your enemies. Let’s see what you need to download the latest version of Doodle Army 2.

Download the latest version of Doodle Army 2

To download the game you need to prove that you have a degree in astrophysics. Even then it might take you a while to complete the download. Just kidding, it’s as easy as pressing the download button on this page. If the download doesn’t automatically start, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the application for free on your Android device. If the download won’t commence in both cases, you can just enable downloads from third parties in your device’s settings.