Discord is a communication platform designed with gamers in mind. Here all the lonely geeks can insult each other with ease. The interface was created to make chatting and sharing information while gaming and streaming more smooth. The application has numerous features that make the lives of lazy, easy-going gamers even more convenient (because breathing seems like an effort for some).

The best about Discord


So the question is why use Discord and not some other communication tool like Skype for example? There are a lot of features that attract users to Discord and not any other apps. one of these features that differentiate Discord from Twitch’s chat function. The application has a streamer mode that will hide any invite codes or personal information. This means if information like this may become visible on your screen the application will hide it for your privacy protection.

Group Chats

Discord allows users to create or join public or private servers where they can converse with other like-minded gamers. Gamers can connect with each other and ramble on about the latest DLC’s. The way the large group chats are designed makes it easy for popular streamers to control their fanbase in a network. The network has different levels that can be separated according to different topics.

Audience and Discord Nitro

Discord may be best suited for gamers but that’s not its only function. The application can also be used to stream classes and act as a platform for student to share advice and notes. It just might be difficult to focus with all the swearing 12 year olds around you.

For those of you that champion beauty, Discord Nitro will only cost you about $50 a month. There are no changes in the functionality, only the appearance is more soothing for the eyes. Discord has solemnly sworn to keep their service free for all users, so feel free to riot if this ever changes.

CPU usage

Discord is very light on your computer’s performance and has no impact on the games you play. Another great thing about Discord is that you can access it through your browser and from there it is easy to change your microphone settings and audio levels when streaming to a large audience worldwide.

How to download Discord for Android

As mentioned above one of the greatest features of Discord is that it’s completely free. If you want to download the Discord APK, press the green button above. This button will take you to a place where you can get the latest version of the application. Android users just need to change the settings of their mobile device to allow install from third-party sources. There you go! Now you’ll be able to geek out on the best communication platform for gamers and streamers there is.

 Why choose Discord in short

To finish off, let’s take a look at why you should consider the Discord APK above other apps like Skype. Discord allows users to control their fanbase communication with ease. When signed into a browser, you can conveniently change audio and microphone settings. The creators of Discord want to keep it free and finally, the app is not a burden on your computer’s CPU. Give it a try and press the download button now.