Creative Destruction is openly inspired by battle royale games like PUBG and Fotnite. This installment of the battle royale genre puts you up against 99 other players to be the last man standing.

But there’s a twist. In this game, you can build your own base to help protect you from the other players. You can also destroy literally everything in the game, with a wide variety of weapons – hence the name, Creative Destruction.

Unlike its counterparts, that emphasize stunning graphics and realistic (if a little over-the-top) gameplay, Creative Destruction features a different kind of vibe. It has cartoonish graphics that bring a sense of fun to the game, and it allows for players to get a little more creative when destroying their opponents.

The game takes place on a 4X4km island that features 13 unique different zones. You’ll be fighting against the clock, as a massive snowstorm is gradually enveloping the island. You’ll have to fight it out in an increasingly smaller area, until finally, you’re so close to the enemies that you have no choice but to kill each other.

What makes this battle royale game different from the others?

  • You’ll start the game with the ‘destructor’ which allows you to destroy anything and harvest it. Then you can build anything you want.
  • Build fortresses to keep opponents at bay.
  • The cartoonish graphics make the game unique and fun to play.
  • The smaller map makes the action more close-knit and intense.

General Features

BATTLE ROYALE: Be the last man standing out of 100. You’ll have to fight and kill everyone around you to ensure survival and be the last person standing at the end of the game.

TONS OF WEAPONS: You have lots of instruments of death to choose from, including rifles, rocket launchers, melee weapons, and more.

13 UNIQUE ZONES: Explore a vast map full of different areas to fight or hide in such as the Ski Resort, West Lake, Springtown and Teddyland. Each zone offers its own blend of unique gameplay that players can use to their advantage.

4X4KM MAP: The size of the map means that players can move around a bit without running into each other every five seconds. It also leaves enough room for players to ensure they see a satisfactory amount of combat in each game. The playable zone gets increasingly smaller throughout the game any, as a massive snowstorm approaches.

BUILD ANYTHING: Build structures to defend yourself from enemies. Build a fort if you want, so that your enemies will find it more difficult to kill you. Funnel them right where you want them.

…DESTROY ANYTHING: What goes up must come down. Whatever can be built, can be blown to bits with the destructor gun. Try it out.

Download the latest version of Creative Destruction to Get in on the Action

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