When looking for a browser on Android, there are many factors to take into consideration. Seeing as we spend so much of our time browsing the web nowadays, it makes sense to have a browser that makes you feel comfortable, while simultaneously meeting your demands, be they personal or professional. With the latest version of CM Browser from Clean Master, you get a fast and secure web surfing experience that doesn’t compromise on other areas. Let’s look at some of the essential features that you should expect from a web browser and how CM lives up to them.

Best features of CM Browser latest version


This is obviously the first consideration for a lot of people. The basic function of any web browser is to load pages online, so this is the first thing that people really notice when using one, making it the most important criteria when judging a web browser at first glance. CM Browser loads pages very quickly and is assisted in doing this by blocking ads and trackers. This gets it off to a favorable start in any review.

Security and Privacy

The next thing that people look for in a web browser is security and privacy. Seeing as you’re spending so much time online and sharing so much personal data back and forth, it’s important that you can rely on your surfing platform to protect your information and prevent hackers and malware from breaching your device. There are so many cases of hackers attacking people in the modern world that it’s absolutely imperative to take this into consideration and for many people speed can acceptably be reduced if it means that a browser is more effective at fending off potential threats. CM Browser comes with a top-rated antivirus software pre-installed and does a great job at ensuring privacy by blocking trackers that would try to take your personal information.

Ad Blocker

With some many ads online now, it’s no wonder that many browsers are starting to come with a built-in ad blocker. These ads eat into your data when loading them, which ultimately costs you money if you’re on a monthly data plan. They can also hide malware in them which can infect your device as they are loaded. On top of this, they’re just outright annoying and they take increasingly extreme approaches to grabbing your attention. The latest version of CM Browser comes with an effective ad blocker built into its core, meaning that you won’t have to see any banners, pop-ups or other intrusive ads while browsing on your Android.

Special features

These can come in all shapes and sizes, for example, Chrome comes with brilliant Google optimization, UC Browser has cricket news built into it, and Firefox Focus deletes all your history as soon as you exit the app. The latest version of CM Browser has its own trick: it allows you to download any video with one click. This is an awesome little add on that means you can store videos easily to watch later or to share instantly with your friends over multiple social media platforms. It’s worth noting that you cannot download from YouTube due to their strict rules on this matter.

If you’re looking for a great browser to use on Android, then look no further than CM Browser for Android.