Candy Camera is a photo editing software that is designed to beautify photos – especially selfies. The latest version of the Candy Camera app features hundreds of potential editing tools, as well as stickers and more.

Why Use Candy Camera?

The app is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to brighten up their selfies and make their Instagram and Facebook posts more appealing. If you’re feeling insecure about acne on your face, or some lines in your skin, or maybe the condition of your hair, then this app will help you touch that up (although, admittedly, a better long term solution would be to fix the problem, not dance around it).

If you can’t fix the problem today, or you just got a massive spot on your nose that’s ruining an otherwise otherworldly seflie, or maybe if you just didn’t bring any makeup with you and but still got that glorious pose, then the latest version of Candy Camera is your best friend.

You can change the smoothness of your skin, as well as its tone, the shape of your face, and the size of your eyes, and more. You can remove acre and blackheads, change the color of your hair, apply makeup, add stickers, and more.

Best Features of Candy Camera


As we’ve already pointed out, there are thousands of edits you can make with Candy Camera, you can make yourself look however you want.


You can also choose from thousands of stickers and animations to your pictures to make them more interactive and fun.


While the app comes with thousands of possible editing features, alongside tons more features, it manages to sill maintain a simple interface with easy-to-follow controls and categorization. You won’t have to worry about being confused while using Candy Camera.


The basic version of the latest version of Candy Camera is free-to-use, although it does come with ads. The ads aren’t too bothersome (no more than they usually are in an app), so this shouldn’t be of much concern.


You can take selfies anywhere in silence (even if your volume is up), so you won’t have to worry about bothering anyone else around you, or drawing any unwanted attention. Now you can even selfie in church, and not feel guity about it.


Unlike other apps, including Instagram, Candy Camera’s filters show up in real time when you’re taking the selfie. This means that you can see exactly how the end result will look before you’ve taken it. You can swipe through filters while the camera is active to compare different filters, then snap!

Download the latest version of Candy Camera on Android, free

To get Candy Camera, simply press the button at the top of the page and it will install on your device. Once you’ve downloaded it you can open it up and jump straight into some selfie-taking. We’re guessing the rest of your evening will be spent taking selfies… Enjoy!