Minecraft gave birth to a lot of building games. The latest version of Block Craft 3D is a living testament to this. Not only does the game have the same textures, blocks, character models but the controls are almost identical. The only difference is that in this game there is no threat to your creations. This game isn’t about survival, it’s about being creative (like the creative mode in Minecraft).  With the latest version of this game, you can build whatever the hell you want. There are even some added features and modes that add some more depth to the game.

So why Block Craft 3D?

So if you picked up on my sarcasm above and feel the same way, you might be asking yourself what the hell are you going to do with Block Craft 3D if you can just download and play Minecraft. Well, sarcasm and joking aside, the game does have some features that set it apart. The first thing is the fact that you can build and maintain a village in one of the game modes. This is something that most of these block building games lack. The game is essentially a 3D city building game that you play in first-person.

The game has an in-game currency. You can acquire these coins through various methods. The first is through certain buildings that earn you income as the game progresses. The second is through selling some of your building designs to other players of the game. Lastly, you can earn coins by watching ads. Yes, you can sell your attention to get more coins to earn stuff.

If building an entire city, literally, block by block sounds like quite the task, you can enlist the help of your friends. The latest version of the game has a multiplayer mode where you can build a city alongside your friends. This gets stuff done faster and more effectively becasue humans eveloved to work together. This is the way we have survived for so long and we function most efficiently in a team.  It just makes some things less complicated.

One of the biggest benefits of the game is that it can help small children develop their creativity and problem solving abilities. Don’t let your children play those mindless, overrated and overpriced shooter games when they can be playing constructive (pun intended) games like this one.

Like all things the gaem isn’t all fun and games (man my pun game is on point). The game does have one downside. The ads in the game makes it less enjoyable. The fact that you have to watch ads to get coins has damaged my faith in humanity.

Download the latest version of Block Craft 3D

At this point you’re probably wondering where you can download this game. The answer is right here. Scroll up and press the download button. You’ll be taken to where you can install the latest version of the game for free on your Andoid device. The app takes up about 53mb of space on your mobile device’s storage.