Let me introduce you to the biggest live streaming social app in Asia. Bigo Live allows users to share their experiences and everyday life moments with others via live streaming. The app is available for download in over 191 countries and it has racked up more than 200 million downloads. The app has extreme popularity in Asia specifically. The application is mostly used in South-East Asia and its popularity is very large because the app has a few unique features.

Features of Bigo Live


There are various ways to communicate with other users of the application. The first way is the HD video calls where users can talk in real time face-to-face. the calls can be made from anywhere in the world to anywhere else. The next special communication method is the voice chat rooms. In these chat rooms, you can talk with your friends or meet completely new people that may be halfway across the globe. There is also a text messaging system where we can communicate the old fashioned way, through written text symbols.


Users just don’t text and talk to each other, but can also interact with each other through games that they can play. These games include everything from karaoke to ludo and snakes & ladders. Send virtual gifts to streamers you like that can be converted into real cash.

Loads of content

The app has loads of users that you can follow and watch streams of. Any topic that you can imagine can be found on the app from cooking to comedy. You can even watch your favourite games being played by professional gamers.

Connect and move up

The app lets you connect to other social media sites to share your Bigo content. Invite friends and show them what you get up to on the application. Invite a friend to co-stream with you for the world to see. Bigo Live gives users the motivation to keep being active through things like levels and Beans (the in-app currency). The app rates users on different levels according to their activity on Bigo. If you stream and donate a lot, you receive Beans. You can also rack up Beans by attracting viewers to your streams and receiving donations from other users. Streaming videos and donating Beans earn you experience points that place you on higher levels. The higher the level you have, the more attention your account will get from other users.

Final thoughts on Bigo Live

Bigo Live is popular for a good reason. The application’s interface is smooth and easy to use. Anyone can get the hang of controlling the app through playing around with it. Safety for users is ensured by the administration that monitors the chats to prevent any vulgarity and abuse of other users. Users can also hide their location and status from strangers as an added security measure. installing the app is as easy as setting the mobile device to allow unknown sources and downloading Bigo Live latest version through the button above. From there stream and share to your heart’s content.