Looking for a game that can simulate the life and troubles of a pawn shop owner? Well… The best I can do is free. The latest version of Bid Wars: Pawn Empire is exactly what you’re looking for. The game puts you in the shoes of a pawn shop owner that needs to keep his head above water. In this game, you’ll learn how to negotiate, when to push someone and when to back the F to the H up and turn away from a deal.

Why download the latest version of Bid Wars?

The game has numerous features that make it attractive for mobile gamers and fans of bidding shows. The graphics are something that can go either way when it comes to the opinion of users. The whole story plays out in 2D animation that sounds bad, but actually very fitting. Others would argue that it’s a lack of investment on the part of the developers. Nevertheless, it gets the job done and doesn’t affect the gameplay at all.

In the game, you will inherit an old shop from family and it’s your job to build the busted thing up from the ground. Here is where you need to go to auctions and buy up lockers in search of things that can be turned into a profit. In the beginning, you will have to make sure that all of your bills are paid on time and in full. Then you can head out to storage auctions and start buying stock for your business. Sell the items you rack up in your store for a profit and start expanding your franchise all over town.

One major downside to the game is that the AI has unlimited funds and they can buy as much as they want to. This is a bit unfair towards the players and unrealistic in the end. However, this adds more challenge to the game. More challenge is a good thing considering the latest trend in video games that are just all too easy. Life isn’t easy, neither is this game to newbies and people with no business experience. Nevertheless, players will get the hang of it in no time at all just by playing an hour or two.

The huge range of items that you’ll find in the game is another great thing worth mentioning. The large selection makes the game feel less repetitive and keeps the players more engaged in the gameplay.

Click the download button

The download button on this page will take you to the Google Play Store. There, you can download the latest version of Bid Wars: Pawn Empire. The application is malware free, that’s why it’s on the Google Play Store, and safe to use. Overall, the game is very fun to play and creates the feeling that you’re a part of one of the auctioning TV shows. The game also has the potential to teach users how to negotiate and run a small business. Don’t take the game as a complete course in business management, it’s just certain principals.