Bed Wars is a weird one. Let’s be honest, when you first heard the title of this game you weren’t thinking about a pixelated Android game. Bed Wars are something that grips most people throughout their lives. Having more space in the bed. Having to change the sheets once a week. And just generally wrestling with your significant other in nature’s most sacred act. The bed is where it’s at. It’s the last place in the world that you want to leave in the morning and it’s the first place that you want to be after a long day – especially when there’s someone else in it. So you’d probably be pretty cheesed off if someone broke into your room and destroyed your bed, right? Well, that’s pretty much what this game is about.

The latest version of Bed Wars APK for Android puts you at the forefront of bed-related conflict, only without any of the good parts. No, the game is alright, but we prefer the other bed wars. In this Minecraft-esque pixel game, you’ll have to go to your opponent’s base and ruin their bed to stop them from being able to resurrect when you kill them. In this way, you’ll defeat your opponents and become the champion.

Yes, it’s ridiculous. But to be fair, it’s actually really fun to play and gets quite intense quite quickly. You’ll have to collect resources to build up your base and travel to other islands, where you’ll find more valuable resources and other player’s bases.

Bricks are the least valuable resources, but you need them to build bridges to other islands where you can find gold. Gold is obviously the most valuable resource, along with diamonds. With these, you can make upgrades to your character that will ultimately help you to defeat your opponents.

Best Features of the latest version of Bed Wars APK for Android

Assuming you’ve got your head around this completely leftfield game, let’s dive under the sheets and have a look at some of it’s best features. That wasn’t intended as a sexual pun, although now I look back, it totally came across as one. To be fair, part of that last sentence did, too. Oh, Bed Wars, what have you done to our fragile minds?


The pixel blocky graphics give this game a real Minecraft vibe, which also makes it appropriate for children – even with the suggestive name. This game is pretty laid back and a lot of fun to chill out with and play in your free time.


There’s something wonderful about a game that really doesn’t make any sense. With the latest version of Bed Wars, you get exactly that – with glorious results.


What else can we say? It’s like Minecraft for lazy people. But it’s free – that’s always a plus.

Download the latest version of Bed Wars APK for Android Free

If you’re ready to get your¬†pajamas on and destroy your opponent’s bed, then strap in and press the download button above. You’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can install the latest version for free. Enjoy!