If you hate being alone and need someone to give you constant attention, I might have the app for you. The latest version of the Azar APK allows users to meet new people from around the world. What’s more? You meet these people face-to-face. Yes, Azar is a video chat application that matches you up with people who have similar interests. Swipe if the person on the other end starts to bore you and you will receive a new face to chat with. The application has various useful features that make it great to use.

What’s Azar’s latest version all about?

The latest version of Azar brings you a lot of helpful little features too make sure that your experience as a user is pleasant. The first of these, that’s one of the best, are the interests. If it isn’t awkward enough to have the initial pause as the internet lags or the other person swipes, once you start talking you need to find something to talk about. Azar asks you to mark your interests in sign-up in order to match you up with people who have similar ones. This assists you by showing what you have in common when the chat starts. Never stand around like an idiot again. Just jump into conversations with confidence.

Unlike other apps and websites, that share the same premise of Azar, you can save people you talked to on your contact list. If you like talking to a certain person, you don’t have to share other social media information, you can just talk again later on Azar. You won’t lose the possible love of your life or new best friend through a faulty internet connection ever again.

Security is another aspect the Azar team prides itself on. Remember when you used Chatroulette, looking for a civil and intelligent conversation, and suddenly you’re greeted by some man’s full-blown glory right in your face. In this application, you can report anyone that behaves in this primitive manner. Unfortunately, the administrators can’t manage to check every chat (it would be quite creepy anyway). Any user behaving in this manner will be banned.

The latest version of the app connects you with users from around the world.  The only problem is usually the language barrier. Azar has Google Translate built into the interface. The application will translate anything the person on the other end says in their language to yours. This is yet another great feature that other similar apps lack. Well done team Azar.

Download the latest version of Azar

Downloading the latest version of the application can be accomplished by clicking on the download button above. You’ll be taken to the Google Play Store. The application works great and you’ll be able to talk to people from around the world for free.  All that’ll cost you extra is if you want to apply additional filters when looking for people to chat with. Download the latest version of the Azar APK and meet people from around the world. It’s much cheaper than a plane ticket.