There’s nothing like crafting an entirely new persona in an alternate virtual reality to escape the mundanity of our 9 to 5 lives. But how does one go about such a task? Thanks to developments in gaming, we can dive into such pleasantries, performing actions without consequence and fear of repercussions. One game that excels in this realm is Avakin Life 3D.

The popularity of such games really all started when Sims burst onto the scenes. There was something inherently satisfying about creating a character, dressing him up, building a shack and slowly converting it into a mansion of dreams. But times were much simpler back then, and with game technology advancing more than ever, we’re looking for more features and higher levels of interaction with other players.

Avakin Life latest version gives you the chance to live a second life and boasts features far beyond what Sims could ever offer. In this online role-playing game you can create highly customizable avatars and navigate them through a  virtual world with other real-time players. Find a partner, get a job, become a sports star and build a condo – the possibilities are truly endless. Some of the cool features Avakin Life 3D rocks are:



This is your chance to create a second you with custom hair color, eye color, face shape, physique, unique fashion sense and more. It’s essentially a second identity giving you a shot at redemption for your failures in this life.


Meet other real-time players and chat, go on dates, and maybe eventually fall in love. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that matters right? Discuss topics of interest like war, food, politics and even whip out your smartphone and capture your special moments with selfies – yes, there’s no escaping them, even in the virtual world!

Your style your way

With a huge slew of options for clothing, accessories, hairstyle, tattoos and brand name items, expressing yourself has never been easier. Don’t worry about the financial strain of getting that Gucci bag, grab it in Avakin Life latest version.

Build your dream home

Every fancies a mansion in Beverly Hills? Build a super-condo or a humble shack to invite your virtual friends over to. Perhaps you could even bring over that special someone and see where the night takes you. You’re only limited by your imagination (for the most part).

Is it worthwhile?

Considering your life in Avakin 3D will be significantly better than in reality, we would say yes, it is, in fact, worth downloading and escaping for a while. Be whoever you want and experience brief moments of joy on your commute to work before being thrust back into the harsh reality of the life you chose in the real world.

Download Avakin Life latest version today and take your mind off the things that you think matter in life, that really don’t. If you don’t, you may get left behind when virtual reality dominates the gaming scene and users are going ‘under’ for months on end.