When it comes to mobile racing games. Asphalt has one of the best names in the industry, and for good reason when taking a quick glance at Asphalt 9. The racing game is one of the best of the mobile racing genre. Building on the success of the previous titles, Asphalt 9 continues to hold the name of the series up high. With outstanding graphics and gameplay, the game is a must play for any lover of the racing game genre.

Asphalt 9

The game is pretty much a straightforward racing game. The aim is to cross the finish line faster than your competitors. Choose between multiplayer and career mode, pick a car and zoom into the distance on some of the most beautiful mobile racing courses. You can even race alongside friends and form up a squad to race around that leaderboard.


The gameplay is overall elegant and after some hours of practicing, it’ll be second nature. The graphics are console like and some of the most amazing I’ve seen in a mobile game. Not only are the cars spectacularly modeled, but the tracks you race on are simply breathtaking.

The cars are of course the true stars of any racing game and Asphalt 9 has not made an attempt to ignore this fact. The game has the largest line-up in the series to date. With a selection of 50-speed machines to throttle up and drive on your handheld device. The game also has some of the best driving mechanics I have come across so far in my mobile racing game experience. The car reacts in a lifelike manner that gives the game a very authentic feel when controlling a virtual million dollar hypercar.

The game provides players with a career mode that offers 60 seasons and more than 800 challenges. If you think that’s not enough to keep you busy and entertained, there is more. Multiplayer gives players a chance to test their skills online against other Asphalt 9 racers. The AI in the game also seems to know what they are doing and have proven to be quite the nuisance at times. Sometimes the AI can give you a really hard time, enough to think that maybe we should stop digging so deep into the development of it. We might experience some Terminator crisis soon.

In conclusion

Asphalt 9 is a strong contender for the number one spot of best mobile racing games. The gameplay is good. The graphics will amaze you when you realize it’s coming out of a mobile device. Controlling the cars gives off a realistic feel. The huge selection of cars will keep players occupied and prevent them from staring into the same rear lights the entire game through. With 60 seasons and 800 challenges, there is more than enough to do in-game. The AI provides a challenge when racing in career mode, not allowing the game to become too elementary. The multiplayer pitches players against each other to test their racing skills and compare them to others worldwide. Asphalt 9 is a great addition to the racing series and worth a download for racing game fans. Why? Well, because it’s free for Android.