Shooting games undoubtedly cure the itch to take up arms and spray bullets into our enemies, even if it’s in a virtual setting. There are many theories as to why we enjoy it so much. Some believe it satisfies an adolescent need for power, some simply think it’s a particularly effective form of stress relief. Either way, the history of such games can give us more insight and considering the very first game in existence was a shooter, it makes sense. Spacewars was developed in the ’60s and consisted of shooting pixelated ray guns and torpedos at the other player on a computer the size of a Hadron Collider.

So we’ve been doing this for a while. But the genre of shooter games has developed a lot since the ’60s, taking on stunning graphics, complex plot, and realistic gameplay. Most of these are popular across PlayStation and Xbox, but there’s a new wave of games being released on mobile that will soon rival these. One of such is called Armed Heist. So what is it? And should you download it?

What is Armed Heist?

Armed Heist is an Android game that lets you take part in action-packed epic crime sprees. Robbing banks in armored trucks are surprisingly addictive and guaranteed to have you hooked for hours. Armed Heist is a world of crime welcoming you with open arms. There are over 75 unique levels and challenges that aim to turn you into a ruthless crime lord. Pull off these jobs and you’ll go down in the history books as the greatest armed robber to ever live.

You must outsmart your opponents to successfully pull off these crimes by using masks, weapons and other gear that can be unlocked as you progress. Your life of virtual crime begins here.

The crime map consists of hit jobs and players can choose to take part in anything from small-time robberies to major heists with the big boys. The jobs will get tougher as you progress through the game to keep you stimulated and challenged, with greater rewards. Climb the ranks and gain legendary status among your fellow criminals. Use these rewards to upgrade and modify your weapons to become even more of a degenerate force to be reckoned with.

The bottom line

If you enjoy crime or shooter games similar to that of GTA, you’ll enjoy Armed Heist latest version for Android. The dynamic nature of the missions means that depending on how you play them, the scenario will change accordingly. This third-person shooter style game will test your reflexes and critical thinking skills to come out on top in a world that’s run by violent gangs and thugs.

The game is 100% free to play with the option for in-app purchases if you feel like having a greater modification and upgrade features. We did find that the game can be thoroughly enjoyed without paying a cent. In other words, it does not pay to win. Download the latest version of Armed Heist apk here and get to work. These banks aren’t going to rob themselves!