If you’re like me, then you want to have to full control over everything in your life. Is this realistic? Of course, it isn’t. But at least with the latest version of the Apex Launcher application, you can have some more control over your mobile Android device. This app will give you the power to customize some of the features on your device. The customisation is one of the most important things to a control freak like me. From things like video game characters to birthday cakes, customisation makes the world a better place overall. Let’s take a look at what the application is and what it can do.

The latest version of Apex Launcher

If you feel it’s time for your phone to get a new look, stop reading straight away and press the download button… If you’re reading this it probably means that you want to know a little bit more about the latest version of the application before you make a decision.  You might still be wondering what the app actually does. I’ll break it down quickly and highlight the main feats that attract users to the app.

In short, the app changes the user interface of your mobile Android device. The interface resembles that of iOS. You’ll see that the icons of your apps change to a circle instead of a square. This gives your phone a more sleek look to it. There is also a nifty little feature that allows you to hold and drag apps over each other to arrange them into folders. Make your device more organized than your life by piling similar apps into folders in order to shorten the time you spend looking for them.

The application also has the ability to hide certain apps from view and lock the ones you don’t want people snooping around in. This gives you an extra layer of security. Sleep comfortably, knowing that your girlfriend won’t find your “adult entertainment” application.

In the latest version of Apex Launcher, there is a feature that makes it easier for you to access apps from the lock screen. You can swipe a special pattern to open a specific app directly. This feature has countless benefits. The first is that you can now open a social media application quite fast to post something that is happening right in front of you. We all have those moments where we think: “Only if I had unlocked my phone in time”. Cut down on the time you struggle to unlock your phone and search for an application if you can just enter its pattern from the beginning. It’s also handy if you happen to find yourself in an emergency.

Download the latest version

The previous few versions have gotten pretty harsh critique. The app used to crash often and freeze devices but with the latest version, most of those problems have been sorted out. It does, however, still crash from time to time. Click on the download button above and download the latest version now.