AliExpress may be the only online shopping app you’ll ever need. And we’re about to show you why.

You’re undoubtedly aware that China are leaders in global trade. In fact, they overtook the states as the largest trading nation in the world a couple of years back, and experts predict their reign will last for a long time. There are many reasons for this, but arguably the main is the fact that production costs in China are so cheap. This along with the opening of several new trade routes in the next few years.

So why are we telling you this? Well, did you know AliExpress is an online shopping platform that connects consumers to wholesale businesses in China? This means you’re getting products at a fraction of the cost in comparison to Amazon and eBay. Like we said earlier: China = cheap labor and materials costs. But for the first time in history, we are able to order direct from these wholesalers and save significant dollars.

But is it safe? Are the products high quality? They are in fact. And here’s how you know.

Features of AliExpress latest version

  • The AliExpress rating system shows you which sellers are trusted and which products are of a decent standard
  • Money back guarantee¬†is offered for all items and products up to 15 days after delivery
  • It’s used by 150 million customers globally and is available in several languages
  • PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard are accepted so you have a secure payment gateway when purchasing
  • Customer support is at your service at all time to answer concerns and solve any issues
  • Use coupons to save cash on products
  • Wholesale prices are competitive so you’re guaranteed to find a sweet deal
  • Take advantage of free shipping in over 200 countries
  • Push notifications feature ensures you’re always up to date with product releases and order updates

Interesting to note is that AliExpress strictly serves non-Chinese residents, so think about how envious the local people are of all the bargains you’ll be bagging.


Considering the fact that AliExpress latest version can do anything eBay can and more, we stand by our statement that it may be the only shopping app you need, depending on what you’re looking for of course.

Another great advantage of AliExpress is that it can be used for dropshipping. If you were thinking about getting into this line of business, AliExpress was at the forefront during this boom and are a viable option to choose. The dropshipping business model is a tough cookie to crack, but if done right it can pay off in dividends.

Download AliExpress latest version by clicking on the ‘Download’ button now. Alibaba owns AliExpress among several other multi-million dollar businesses. Jack Ma, the brains behind the operation is a legend of a man with a sound business mindset, and he wouldn’t put his name behind it unless it was bettering humanity in some way.

And if you’re still sitting on the fence, remember, 100,000,000 users globally can’t be wrong. Happy shopping!