Ads are the bain of the internet. While there is tons of free content out there for you to enjoy, it all has to be paid for somehow and for the most part, this is through ads. While its pretty fair to allow content creators to make money in this way (after all, you’re seeing their content for free), sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming and oftentimes websites will load themselves full of ads just to grab more money while they don’t really need to.

The thing is, if you’re on a data plan and you’re not using WiFi when you browse, then this is also costing you money by draining your bandwidth to load ads. This also increases the time it takes a page to load. So you’re getting a slower and more expensive browsing experience and your reward is people trying to sell you stuff that you don’t want or need.

Most people are familiar with adblockers, especially on desktops, although on Android devices it can be a little harder to get an adblocker – you usually need to install an adblocking browser or a third-party app like Adguard for Android.

What is Adguard for Android?

The latest version of Adguard for Android allows you to browse the web and your apps without having to be bombarded with ads. It’s a free and simple solution to rid your phone of intrusive advertising. What’s more, Adguard for Android also blocks trackers who try to take your personal information to sell on or use in data analytics. The latest version of Adguard for Android allows you to protect your privacy and have a smoother and more productive browsing session.

If you support a content creator and appreciate the fact that they need to earn revenue in order to keep doing what they’re doing, then you can choose to unblock ads on their channel or website so that they can continue to do so. The latest version of Adguard for Android allows you to choose where and when ads are blocked or block them all by default.

Best Features of Adguard for Android

Block Ads

As mentioned above, you won’t have to see ads in browsers or apps anymore.

Blocks Trackers

Keep your privacy secure by preventing online trackers from gathering your personal information and online activity.

Speed up browsing

Without having to wait for ads and banners to load, your online session will be quicker and smoother.

Save your money

Much the same as the time that ads consume to load, they also consume data, which means that you end up with a larger internet bill at the end of the month.


Once it’s installed, it’ll get to work and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


The latest version of Adguard for Android presents you with data about ads and trackers in a series of graphs and graphics that are easy to understand. This allows you to get more perspective on how much time and money you’ve saved, too.

Download the Latest Version of Adguard for Android

To get the latest version of Adguard for Android, simply press the download button at the top of this page and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store where you can install it for free. Enjoy!