Have you ever downloaded a neat app only to find out it requires a paid subscription to access the full features? How about a game that turns out to be pay-to-win? It can be frustrating and often not entirely worth the hassle or expenditure. Luckily, being an Android user, you live in a realm of untapped potential and endless possibilities. You have access to content provided by third parties that iOS users can only dream of. Unlike the Apple fanboys (we like to call them sheep), you don’t have to conform to the restrictions set by developers. As Android users, we create our own destiny.

So why am I telling you all this? Because it just so happens that a bunch of savvy developers out there created a brand new marketplace where dreams really do come true. Where all apps are equal and can live in harmony, with the divide between the lower and upper tiers being dissolved. Read on.

What is AC Market?

The most accurate way to summarize AC Market would a one-stop shop MOD apps, cracked apps, and games. Most of these apps aren’t available on Google Play. And what’s more, a lot of them are, with the difference being you can download premium apps that require payment for free from AC Market. Sounds too good to be true right?

With AC Market latest version, paying for premium apps is a thing of the past. All files on this special market are APK format, so the process of downloading and installing them is simple and safe. The AC Market developers are passionate about providing free software, on a mission to break down the barriers created by corporations like Google. With a simple interface and tonnes of unique apps to choose from, AC Market is certainly worth your time.

Download apps in AC Market

You can either use the search bar within the app or simply choose from the homepage where they display several categories of apps for your convenience. Here you’ll find recommended, featured, pick of the day and many more categories. The one-touch download also lets you download with ease without having to open the app description – perfect if you already know exactly what you’re looking for.

The menu at the top of the screen also provides navigation to MODs, games, books, and apps for ease of use. As stated before, all apps are APK files, so once they’re downloaded all you have to do is open the file and press install. Feel free to delete the APK file after installation to save space on your device. This won’t affect the functionality of your app.


Thank God for the unspoken heroes that are committed to bringing us new levels of gaming and app enjoyment all for free, You’re the true O.G AC Market, and we salute you. So what are you waiting for? These premium apps aren’t going to download themselves. Grab AC Market latest version this very instant and stick it to the man.