YouTube recently made it possible to watch some of its videos offline – but not all. The new feature, called ‘Save to Offline’, is only available for videos that aren’t copyrighted. This means that the vast majority of music, alongside many other videos, are not available for saving offline.

This is where YouTube video downloader apps come into play. By simply copy and pasting the URL of the YouTube video into one of these apps, you can download any video from the site and even videos from other sites too, such as Facebook and Dailymotion.

Many of these apps also allow you to convert videos into MP3 format so that you can store them as songs on your device to listen to while on-the-go. This was originally the main purpose of the apps, back when everyone had an iPod and 10,000 songs in their iTunes account. Alas, the cloud ended all of that.

All of this is available with TubeMate. The app is one of the best apps to download YouTube videos. It’s small in size, easy to install, and very easy to use. Let’s take a closer look at the TubeMate video downloader apk.

How to Download YouTube Videos with TubeMate

First of all, you want to install TubeMate apk onto your device. To do this, you’ll need to press the download button at the top of this article. But it’s not that simple – as TubeMate isn’t on Google Play Store, you’ll need to go into your phone’s settings, then go to security, and then activate “Allow Unknown Sources”. This will allow your device to download apps that aren’t licensed by Google (which is basically all the best ones).

Now you can install TubeMate app – which is a quick and easy process. Once it’s up and running, go onto the app and access YouTube through its browser, you can then select any video and download it directly from the app by pressing the download button in the bottom corner of the screen. The video will then be put into your queue and will download so long as you have Internet connection.

A great thing about TubeMate is that it allows you to queue and download multiple videos at once. This means that you can queue an entire album that you want to listen to, or a whole series for download. TubeMate will do all of this in the background, so you can get on with other things while it’s working.

One thing worth noting is that the newer versions of TubeMate no longer allow you to download copyrighted content, which means that they don’t offer much that YouTube itself doesn’t offer in most countries. While you can still download millions of videos, they might not be the ones you want.

After legislation was passed in California banning the illegal activities of circumventing copyright, TubeMate decided (probably to avoid a fine) that the best course of action was to no longer support downloading copyrighted material.

Best Features

Easy to use

TubeMate is very simple to download and even simpler to use. Once it’s installed, you just have to find the video you want and click the download button to install it. This is one of the key features you want in a YouTube video downloader – simplicity.

Millions of Videos

Even though you can no longer have all the videos on YouTube, this still leaves millions upon millions of videos that you can still download. From music to podcasts, to funny cat videos and just about everything else YouTube can conjure up, you can download it all with the simple pressing of a button.

Small size

TubeMate won’t take up loads of room on your device. The file is small and compact, and leaves plenty of room for YouTube videos.


There are no in-app purchases on TubeMate – everything is free at the point of use. This is in contrast to some other YouTube downloaders, that restrict some of their more advanced features for premium users.

HD Videos

After you select a video, you’ll be presented with a list of options for quality – up to 4K ultra-HD. Just choose which one you want and the video will be downloaded in that quality. It’s worth noting that a video can’t be downloaded in a higher quality than that which is offered on YouTube.

Is It Worth Downloading TubeMate apk?

While the app has lost some of its features, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t still worth downloading. You can still download millions of videos from YouTube, as well as videos from other popular websites. In short, TubeMate is still a formidable app.

Other video downloader apk can download more videos, but TubeMate’s reluctance to break the law says something about its trustworthiness. The app is clean and safe – you won’t be partaking in any form of copyright violation when downloading videos, and the app itself is totally legal.

Most other YouTube video downloader apps do ultimately require you to break copyright laws when using them, and this is something that not everyone is comfortable doing. With TubeMate, however, you can guarantee that you’re doing nothing wrong when using it, making it a peace-of-mind app to download videos from.

Wrapping it up

Overall, if you’re looking to download videos from YouTube, then TubeMate is probably the safest option on the market. It’s totally clean and legal, meaning you don’t have to worry about breaking any rules to do with copyright or generally getting under any government agency’s skin.

The amount of content available on TubeMate is huge, and while it doesn’t have everything, it’s still certainly worth a try. Download Tubemate apk now from the link at the top of this article, and see for yourself how you can start downloading tons of videos right now.

Try TubeMate to get videos from Facebook, YouTube Dailymotion, Instagram, and more. You can have all the world’s videos on your device (assuming you have one hell of an SD card…), so, why wait any longer? Give TubeMate video downloader a try today!