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Sometimes our lives can get a little bit… repetitive. We strive to make them more interesting by slipping into the occasional daydream, or by chasing the most adrenaline fueled experiences we can – but really, most our life is spent doing pretty mundane stuff.

Even if you’re a skydiving instructor, you still don’t get to man a submarine, fly a fighter jet, or… farm. Whatever it is that you want to do with your life, you’re never going to be able to do everything – we have to pick and specialise, otherwise we’ll just fall into that old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

So, we can’t do everything, unfortunately. That being said, we can at least have some of everything. With simulation games, you can play out the life of that fighter pilot, or of a surgeon, or a goat. Finally, you get the chance to experience what being a goat is like.

Simulate Your Dream Reality

So, let’s assume that you really want to live the life of a goat. Now you can. Maybe you’d rather be a flight control attendant, well, there’s an app to let you do that too.

You can find all the best simulation app games on Top1Apk – our massive library covers just about every simulator you could think up – as you can probably already tell. Make your life more exciting by playing one of these awesome simulators – you might even get inspired to pick up a new career path – it’s never too late!

Here are some of our favourite simulation games on Top1Apk:

Nettworth: Life Simulation Game

Yes, now you can see how life would have played out if you’d done things differently. Life simulator does exactly what it says on the tin, putting you in the shoes of a busy city dweller who has top get ahead in life while taking care of the responsibilities of everyday personal life.

Ant Simulator

Put your suit on, board the subway, and make your way into the office in time for… oh wait, that’s the other ant simulator. This ant simulator has you taking on the role of a six legged little guy in a big nest, completing all the important tasks to ensure the survival and expansion of your colony. Sort of like A Bugs Life, but not.

Plague Inc.

Ever sort of just sat there fantasising about the whole world being wiped out by a deadly plague? Well, now you can create it, spread it, evolve it and make damn well sure that it wipes out the whole world. Your ticket to damnation – all aboard.

Real Car Park 2018

Yes, it does get this intense. Practice your car parking skills (or lack of) in this fun driving simulator game. Park in difficult spaces and try not to scratch the car. Try it out now. No space is too small.