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Are you looking for some puzzles to fill your commute to work, or are you just trying to up your cognitive skills? Puzzle games are proven to improve your brain function over time, which in turn fights off diseases that come with age, such as dementia and alzheimer’s disease.

We have all the best puzzle games to download free at top1apk, including traditional puzzles, riddles, quizzes, brain teasers, and more. We can guarantee you’ll find something that you like among our huge list of puzzle games to download.

All the best puzzle games at top1apk

Some of our favourite puzzle games include escape games like All That Remains apk, where you find yourself waking up in an underground bunker full of mysterious rooms. To escape, you’ll have to solve various puzzles in each room – before something very, very bad happens. If you’re feeling more of a Halloween vibe, then Friday 13th is probably more up your street. This freemium game has you killing people and escaping from the police. What’s cool about this game is that it has you in the driver’s seat making the puzzles for the cops to solve.

If you’re more into heartwarming puzzles, then you should check out the Hello Neighbour apk. This puzzle game has you repeatedly breaking into your neighbour’s house to find out what strange things are going on inside. You neighbour repeatedly builds up defences, and you must plan your entry and exit strategies. This freemium game has boggled the minds of many, and is way more stimulating than a game of Solitaire. We also have Solitaire, for that matter…

If you’re more a fan of the classic puzzle games, then you can download titles like Jigsaw Puzzle apk – a simple picture puzzle game that does exactly what it says on the tin. We have lots of simple puzzle games and brain trainers like Sudoku and crosswords.

We’re always with you at top1apk

If you want to download the best free puzzles games from top1apk, but you can’t find them, then let us know by sending us an email and we’ll upload them as soon as possible.

Puzzle games can be… puzzling. And there’s nothing more irritating than not being able to get past a puzzle – it makes you feel stupid and stuck. That’s why we’ve written a comprehensive user guide for every puzzle game on top1apk (as well as every other app on the site) so that you won’t have to get stuck for long. We’ve also included a review of each game – you can find all of this by clicking on any of the app title. You can also download the apps from this page.

Our team has tested every game and app on top1apk to be sure that you’ll enjoy them. They’re all up-to-scratch, and we’ve written an honest review and a helpful user guide for every single one. We hope you enjoy out puzzle games!

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