Minecraft is an industry-defining title that’s built itself into the annals of video game history, selling more than 120 million copies, making it one of the most successful games of all time. Swedish company Mojang, which specializes in video games development, was founded by Minecraft’s creator Markus Persson in 2009 and is responsible for creating new versions of the game and updating existing ones.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox adventure & role-playing game where you mine materials and craft structures in an almost infinite randomly generated world. You can explore various maps, including mountainous areas, barren deserts and icy expanses. Along the way, you’ll encounter monsters to do battle with, and maybe even cross paths with another player.

The world in Minecraft pocket edition (PE) is infinite as of version 9.0. The PC Minecraft servers, written in Java, though not technically ever-expansive, is 60,000km2 by 60,000km2, which is larger than the surface area of the planet Neptune, which is itself 3.9 times larger than the Earth. Minecraft PE can be expected to be around the same size as this.

Players have crafted all sorts of incredible worlds in Minecraft, including massive English heritage castles, futuristic cyberpunk cities and floating fortresses. You can create simpler domains if you’d prefer, such as a log cabin in the woods, or perhaps a villa on the beach.

A world in Minecraft is also known as a server. These can hold as many people as there is the memory to sustain.

Whatever game you want it to be

The true beauty of Minecraft lies in the fact that it’s completely up to the player what they choose to do. You can play in Survival Mode and build your dwelling to defend against monsters that come out at night, or you could play in Creative Mode, where you’re given unlimited resources without having to mine them – this is essentially a digital LEGO world.

Minecraft APK can be as laid-back or as competitive as you want it to be. It’s entertainment for all ages and a great way to harness and develop creativity – especially in young people. You can go out to fight monsters, or stay at home and farm kelp. It’s up to you.

Best bits

Minecraft PE differs from its PC counterpart, some features haven’t yet made it onto the PE version, this is because the PC version has been worked on for so much longer. Fortunately, the developers are aware of this and constantly striving to improve the overall performance and gameplay. Let’s take a deeper look at the best features of Minecraft PE APK and the areas in which it falls behind.

Massive open world

Minecraft players can explore to their heart’s content. The world is almost infinite, to the point where even if you’re sharing a world with several other players it’s unlikely you’ll ever bump into them. Hopefully, you won’t bump into the infamous Minecraft Granny, either…


The game inspires creativity at every turn. This is especially evident in young people, although Minecraft can be enjoyed by any age group. The platform’s lack of objectives means that it’s up to you to make your own path.

Easy interface

Minecraft has been enjoyed on PC for years, and its appearance on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 showed that Mojang was capable of developing it for new platforms. The jump to handheld was, however, a more challenging move. That being said, the PE version of the game functions well, with auto-jump over one block obstacles and easy crafting commands.

Constant development

The developers of Minecraft are always striving to make the game better. Constant additions, upgrades and bug fixes make the servers more pleasurable to craft in. It also shows the dedication of the developers. The latest update of the Java edition will feature a new weapon called the Minecraft Trident – hopefully, it’ll be available on PE soon too!

Better looking

The graphics in Minecraft PE are smoother and more vibrant than in its PC and console counterparts. This is actually quite surprising, as there’s more potential processing power to exploit on a PC.


No more boring long road trips, flights or bus rides. Minecraft PE is a great companion on any commute and can be played throughout the day whenever you’ve got free time.


While Minecraft on PC costs US$27, the handheld version is a very reasonable $6.99. This is a fantastic deal to get most of the great features of Minecraft without having to shell out a noticeable amount of money.

Minecraft soundtrack: The music in Minecraft adds a lot to the overall experience. The relaxing ambient songs have been released as an album which reached number 14 in the US dance/electronic billboard.

Areas for improvement

While Minecraft PE has many of the great elements of the PC and console versions, there are some areas in which it could do with improvement. Here are some of the areas we expect to see solved in future updates:

Behind counterparts: Minecraft PE is generally behind on the latest updates to the other versions of the adventure game. When it was originally released on Android and iOS the worlds were small and you couldn’t do fun things like tame pets. These differences have since been resolved.

No cross-platform play: Minecraft PE is a separate venture to the original, meaning you can’t connect your progress on the handheld to your PC or console game.

Touch-based interface: Some elements of the touchscreen interface could be perceived as being too easy and thus taking something away from the overall gameplay experience.

How to download Minecraft APK

To download and install Minecraft APK free for iOS and Android just press the button at the end of this article. You’ll have to pay US$6.99 or around the equivalent amount in your currency if you want to access the full version.

Once you’ve downloaded it for your handheld device you can install BlueStacks Android emulator to play it on your PC. This is an easy way to avoid paying $27 for the official PC game.

Minecraft tips and tricks

Tips: How to craft

Wondering how to build houses in Minecraft? Or maybe a fortress with a moat? To craft structures, you’ll first need to go out exploring. You can mine resources by hacking them with your axe, after that you’ll need a crafting table.

To make a crafting table you’ll need one block of wood – this will turn into four planks which you can turn into a crafting table by entering the inventory.

Once you’ve got a crafting table you can begin turning your resources into all sorts of cool things.

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Tips: How to change skin

To change your character’s skin in Minecraft just download new skins off of the internet, then sign into your account on minecraft.net and upload it. Play the game and you can try on your new skin.

Tips: How to brew potions

Potions allow you to receive many benefits, dependent on the kind of potion brewed. To brew potions first craft a brewing stand out of a blaze rod and 3 cobblestones. Next, place some glasses in the stand and add ingredients like a nether wart and blaze powder. Put the finished potions back in your inventory.

Tips: How to make an end portal

The End is a different dimension to explore in Minecraft, filled with endermen, endermites and ender dragons. To get there you must activate an end portal, which can be found on Survival Mode in strongholds. In Creative Mode, you can create a portal by building 12 stones in a formation and putting eyes of ender in them.


Minecraft PE is a great game for any age group. The graphics are smooth and the gameplay is rewarding and creative. If you’re looking to have all the best features of one of the world’s biggest selling games of all time at your fingertips then don’t hesitate to download it. Get building now!

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