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Have you ever thought about how many messages you send per day? How about per year? It’s estimated that the average person sends somewhere close to 100 messages a day – amounting to several thousand a year. Some people will send a lot more than this and if you’re one of those people then it might be about time you stopped to wonder where all that data is being stored, who is doing what with it and if there’s a better and more private alternative to the messenger you currently use.

This might not bother you – after all, the “only wrongdoers need be troubled” argument does actually have some weight to it. But privacy isn’t the only thing a new messenger app can bring into your life – some offer endless options for customisation as well as social features that you won’t find on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

If this all sounds appealing to you then messaging apps for Android and we can guarantee you’ll find something that you like. Our SMS apps for Android come in all shapes and sizes: Some are focussed on message encryption, while others have large social forums where you can chat to people all over the world who share similar interests to you. Alongside this, there are SMS apps that have no limit on the size of files you can send to other people, bots to chat to and others which simply revamp the apps that you’re currently using.

Try a new messenger app for Apk today and see where it takes you – there’s a whole world to meet and chat to, so why limit yourself to just your immediate contacts?

Best SMS Apps Free on Android

If you’re looking for added privacy then try Telegram. The ultra-secure app has some of the strongest encryption around on all your messages – while Whatsapp does the same, they’re owned by Facebook, who use the data in your messages in algorythms to target you with ads more effectively. With Telegram you don’t have to worry about this and on top of that, you can set your messages to self destruct on a timer.

If you’d rather have something more fun then have a look at Kik Messenger (Kik for short). This awesome SMS app is free and lets you customise chats to your own preference.It also allows you to chat to people from all around the world in interest groups – just type in something that you’re interested in and chat to 50 other members in a group about the topic. Kik is a great way to meet new people when you’re travelling abroad. You can even talk to an AI bot about how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

On top of this TOP1APK has alternative versions of the most popular messenger apps like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp.

With Messenger Lite – the official Lite version of the app from Facebook – you can chat to all your friends without having to see their stories, play chess or deal with other annoying distractions. This app also uses considerably less data than the original as it was designed for people in developing countries who had limited access to mobile data.

So, whatever you’re looking for in a messenger, have a look through our list of SMS messenger apps for Android today and marvel in the options available.

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