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We spend so much of our time on the internet, yet most of us don’t think twice about which browser we’re using, where our data is being stored and how it’s being used or even just how much we could potentially customise an app browser.

Most times you visit a website online you’re tracked – this is when websites keep a log of who’s visited them and this information can then be used more broadly to get an idea of where someone spends their time on the internet in order to target them with more specific content tailored to their preferences. Not everyone is bothered by this and if you spend 90 per cent of your time online looking for golf clubs then it might actually benefit you to have this on. The thing is, most of us don’t do that and would rather have more privacy as well as less targeted ad content.

If you download a completely new app browser that blocks trackers, removes ads and ensures every connection is secure, then you don’t have to worry about your privacy or security being compromised.

Unique Browser Apps for all platforms

Our browser apps Android are all unique so you can more or less guarantee you’ll find one to suit your needs. We have dozens of the most popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox Quantum and UC Browser as well as ones you might not have heard of yet like Brave and Dolphin Browser.

Some are “one size fits all” style browsers, designed for the average user who wants a secure online session with the benefits of having a targeted user-experience. App browsers like Google Chrome fit into this category – they use your data to make an experience that fits you. The UC Browser app is another example – the Chinese tech giant aims for speed and customisation with their browser.

On the other hand, some of the browser apps in our catalogue are much more focussed on user-privacy and online security. If this is your key concern, then try Brave. This ultra-secure browser comes with a built-in adblocker, stops trackers from logging you and has HTTPS Everywhere pre-installed so that every website you visit will have a secure connection.

The app also allows you to block scripts on a webpage, making it load substantially faster without sacrificing the actual content of the page. The browser app also allows you to open incognito tabs in Tor (the ultra-private software used to access the dark web), giving you the most off-the-radar online session you could ever ask for – although this feature is not available on phones or tablets.

If you’d rather have a browser that’s trusted and runs fast while also offering massive potential for customisation then try Firefox Quantum. The latest release from the non-profit internet company offers a range of great features and deals with user’s biggest qualm: Slow loading speeds. The polishing off of this issue makes Quantum a top choice for security, add-ons and themed browsing. Give it a try.

Choose a browser that suits you

The most important thing is to make sure you choose a web browser that’s purpose-built in line with how you use the internet. For example, if you use a lot of websites with a low trust rating then it makes sense to use a browser with built-in security features to ensure you’re not downloading anything harmful to your device.

If you’re bothered by ads then use an adblocker (if your browser doesn’t include this feature you can install it as an add-on – we recommend AdBlock Plus) or if you want the fastest possible loading times then use one of the more established browsers, but consider blocking scripts from certain websites – Brave is a good choice for this feature.
Whatever browser you choose, make sure you read up on it first.

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