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Got a thing for Japanese anime? You’re not alone. In fact, so many people are loving anime these days that there are now a number of fully featured apps dedicated to letting you watch it online for free.

Anime first took off in Japan in the 1960s, although back then it wasn’t popular at all in the rest of the world. There is often some confusion about what exactly anime means. Anime in Japan simply refers to any form of an animated cartoon. In the rest of the world, however, it refers specifically to Japanese animations.

Japanese anime has a very distinctive style that is easy to recognize. The colors are generally bold and eye-catching, while the characters often have big eyes and an innocent look. There is no single anime genre. Anime is a style and within it, there is practically every genre you’d expect to find in a movie such as action, horror, romance, comedy, and more.

Often the storyline of anime shows and movies borders on fantasy, although this isn’t always true. Sometimes an anime show will have a simple and common storyline that doesn’t involve fighting giants or saving the world from shadowy demons.

Apps to Watch Anime Online Free

If you want to download the best anime shows and movies, or just stream them from your Android device, then our collection of apps to do so is all you’ll ever need.

At Top1Apk, we’ve carefully checked out each app in our library to ensure that it’ll bring you the results that you need. Our list of anime apps includes names like 9Anime, KissAnime, and JKAnime. All of these apps are stacked with thousands of anime shows and movies and all of them are totally free.

You can’t find these apps on the Play Store because they breach the terms of copyright that Google strictly imposes. But fear not, you can download the latest versions of these anime apps from our app store and enjoy them on your Android device whenever you want.

Our anime apps show content in HD quality and the links are frequently checked to ensure that they’re still working properly. What’s more, browsing through the categories to find the right anime for you is seamlessly easy thanks to the clever interface of these apps.

How to Watch Anime for Free

You’re probably aware that streaming anything online for free is usually illegal and therefore we recommend that you use a VPN when using these apps to ensure your security and privacy when online.

While in most cases, no harm will come to you from streaming online, there is still always the risk that comes with not using a VPN to stream movies and TV shows for free online.

If you’re excited to start watching all your favorite anime shows on your Android and find some new gems to watch, too, then download one of our anime apps now. They’re all free and they’re all highly rated by our users. We hope you enjoy them!

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